Ingredient Benefits


Royalty hygiene's ingredients are handpicked for their properties. From oils and vegan butters rich in nutrients, to vegetable powders, and earth clays, these bars will leave you feeling refreshed, cleansed and nourished!

Castor oil

Castor oil is a skin-conditioning agent, meaning that it can help make the skin soft and supple. It has been known to penetrate skin and can increase penetration of other ingredients in skincare products.


Because beets are high in vitamin C, some consider beets to be good for the skin, even suggesting that they can protect from signs of aging

French pink clay

Pink Clay is rich in Silica, which may help to improve skin elasticity andcell renewal, resulting in supple, younger-looking skin.Can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create and overall refreshed appearance

Safflower oil

Ideal for hydrating dry or acne-prone skin while soothing irritation, rashes, and inflammation. It is reputed to enhance skin's texture, appearance, and quality.

Kaolin clay

has been used for centuries to absorb excess oil from the skin, preventingbreakouts before they begin. It's also perfect for helping to restore skin that's been minor damaged by frequent outbreaks of acne. Some have found that regular use helps to balance their skin's oil production, reducing oily skin symptoms

Activated charcoal

Effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The result is smooth, supple, and even-toned skin. Dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons are attracted to the charcoal molecules and washed away.

Green clay

French Green Clay is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells from the skin's outer surface, the epidermis. It helps to naturally exfoliate the dry skin layer and increase circulation, leaving your skin looking and feeling soft and moisturized.

Coconut oil

Moisturizing dry skin, temporarily calms redness or inflammation, which may result from UVB rays, and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties


Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling, acne and prevent further breakouts as well. It increases your skin's metabolism which enables faster healing and also prevents bacteria overgrowth


absolutely fascinating plant used for millennia in various cultures for its medicinal properties, especially its benefits to the skin. This includes a mild anti-bacterial agent as well as a tendency to keep insects and other pathogens away, and helps calms and soothes skin, helps relieve minor skin irritation. 

Annotto seeds

Rich in essential minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, and also has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It's Ideal for tightening pores or calming irritateds skin

Brazilian clay

Removes waste, impurities and dead skin cells. Brazilian Clay also reduce skin and hair oiliness, while providing firming effect Increase skin elasticity. It is also known to enhance blood circulation stimulating elastin and collagen production.

Olive oil

Prevents water loss, Protects against environmental damage because it contains antioxidant properties that protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation, this means protection against premature aging as well as signs of irritation or redness

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil which is highly absorbent, and won’t clog pores. It contains Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help protect skin from free radicals and from adverse effects of the sun, such as premature aging and wrinkles.