• RICH MOISTURIZING LATHER FOR YOUR SKIN: These All Natural Hemp Oil soaps clean

    and moisturize without removing natural oils that are essential for your skin. Their nutrients

    and properties content keep the epidermis hydrated showing its natural glow. Our products are great for daily use and offer you silky, smooth and soft skin, and relaxing, stress-relieving showers while leaving a pleasant aroma that lasts throughout the day.


    100% NATURAL &ORGANICALLY-SOURCED HEMPSEED OIL:Perfect sulfate-free and

    parabens-free option to avoid harmful chemicals; highly Nutritious for hair and skin,

    protecting to fight inflammation, oxidation, and irritation, being the main causes of aging.

    Rich in minerals like potassium and calcium, containing high levels of Vitamin A, C and E,

    important for body tissue.




    Soybean Oil, Water, Organic Coconut, Organic Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide Essential oil, Mica


    Weight: 6 oz

    HempSeed Oil + Spearmint