• Handcrafted Nighttime Scene in the Desert - Twilight Saguaro Soap Be transported to the desert at night with this delightful soap! With benefits of gentle exfoliation from natural ingredients such as walnut shells and the moisturizing perks of goats milk and glycerin soaps combined with the floral and green scents of cactus flowers and fresh agave.The bottom half of this soap includes exfoliating ingredients - Poppy Seeds, Walnut shells Smells like citrus, flowering succulents, bergamot, oakmoss and vetiver.


    Goats Milk Soap Base, Glycerin Soap Base, Natural colorants: Blue Indigo, Alkanet powder, Spinach powder, Red Brazilian Clay and Moringa Leaf powder, Exfoliants: Poppy Seeds, Walnut shells and diatomaceous earth, Micas for color and fragrance oil.

    Over time you may see small beads of glycerin on the outside of this soap. This does not affect the quality.


    Weight: 4 oz

    Twilight Saguaro | Cactus and Desert Night