• This bar is specially formulated for genital health and hygiene, using some of the finest natural ingredients to:

    • Fight yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

    • Eliminate vaginal itch

    • Balance vaginal pH

    • Help with vaginal dryness

    • Eliminate body odour

    • Fight skin infections

    • Moisturize the skin


    This simple, natural blend of oils is meant to hydrate and cleanse without drying your intimate areas.


    Apple cider vinegar, Palm kernel oil, water, olive oil, coconut oil,Rose petals, lavender petals, Callendula petals, peppermint leaves

    Weight 4oz

    NOTE: This bar is for external use only. Use around the vulva/anal areas. Do not use inside of the vagina. After use, rinse well and apply yoni oil.

    Yoni Bars